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Bhoomi Pooja is performed at the construction site or a newly built house before beginning the construction, which is considered to be a new beginning. By doing this, people who believe that their success is determined by vaastus are ensured of a secure future in the new house or construction site.

By performing this ‘bhoomi pooja’ the right energy and natural elements encompassing the site can be appeased. Bhoomi pooja has an important place in the lives of many as it helps to settle legal disputes, solves quarrels and gives peace of mind.

We have assembled in this kit all ingredients for performing Bhoomi Puja. All the essentials packed are natural, pure, sacred and of high quality and are sufficient for performing puja. Buy Bhumi Puja Kit, Bhumi Puja Kit online shopping, Order Bhumi Puja Kit. bhoomi pujan

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Buy online Bhumi Puja Kit

•	Supari		•	Lawang		•	Roli
•	Rice		•	Chandan		•	Haldi Powder
•	Haldi Gath	•	Ganga Jal	•	Mishri
•	Dhoop		•	Kapoor		•	Ghee
•	Batti (Round)	•	Match Stick	•	Deepak
•	Agarbatti	•	Red Cloth	•	White Cloth
•	Kesar		•	Panchmeva	•	Elaichi
•	Dona/Plastic Container-25 •	Moli	•	Itra
•	Abeer/Gulal	•	Wheat		•	Honey
•	Paan ka Patta	•	Mango Leaves	•	Nariyal
•	Dub 		•	Lohe ke Keel	•	Panch Dhatu
•	Panch Ratna 

Bhumi Puja Kit



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