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Buy BIRTHDAY PUJA Ayushya Homa at best price. Ayushya home puja or birthday puja is done for health and long life of family members.

We have assembled in this kit all ingredients for performing Birthday puja. All the essentials packed are natural, pure, sacred and of high quality and are sufficient for performing puja. Also known as Abdapoorthi, Ayush Sooktha Homam. BIRTHDAY PUJA Ayushya Homa online shopping, Order BIRTHDAY PUJA Ayushya Homa.

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•	Gangajal		•	Chandan  powder •	Plastic container-25
•	Red thread  (Mauli)/ rakshasutra/ kalawa	•	Sindoor
•	Kumkum/ roli		•	bati		•	Matchbox
•	Supari (12)		•	Akshat white & yellow
•	Incense sticks/agarbatti•	Ghee		•	Camphor/ kapur
•	1.25 meter Red Cloth.	•	Mango  leaves 7	•	Betel leaves-5
•	Coconuts 1		•	Doob(Durva)	•	Kush Grass
•	Tulsi leaves		•	Rose water	•	Dry fruits/ panchmeva
•	Cloves			•	Cardamom	•	Coins -5
•	Panchpatra		•	Achmani         •	janeu
•	Honey			•	Sugar		


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