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This pooja is all about worshipping goddess Parvati. It falls during the fourth or fifth day of Ganesh Chaturthi. It is vital for strengthening bonds of love, and good luck is bestowed upon an individual by conducting Gauri pooja. Buy Gauri Gangaur puja, Gauri Gangaur puja online shopping, Order Gauri Gangaur puja.
This is a form of worship of Goddess Durga, performed especially during the Ganpati Utsav in Maharashtra. This pooja is performed with Suhaag Samagri (materials needed in marriages). Married women do this in order to pray for the long life of their better half, adolescent girls perform the pooja to get the desired partner and the pooja is also conducted to fulfill the wishes of people.
We have assembled in this kit all ingredients for performing Gauri/ Gangaur puja. All the essentials packed are natural, pure, sacred and of high quality and are sufficient for performing puja.

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•	Decorated Kalash	•	Supari		•	Tulsi 
•	Lawang			•	Roli		•	Rice
•	Chandan			•	Haldi Powder	•	Haldi Gath
•	Ganga Jal		•	Mishri		•	Gulab Jal
•	16 Shringaar Samagri	•	Dhoop		•	Kapoor
•	Ghee			•	Batti (Round)	•	Match Stick
•	Deepak			•	Agarbatti	•	Red Cloth
•	Sindoor			•	Moong		•	Kesar
•	Panchmeva		•	Aachmani	•	Elaichi
•	Plastic Container-25	•	Moli		•	Itra
•	Abeer/Gulal		•	Wheat		•	Honey
•	Gur/Jaggery		•	Panch Patra	•	Paan ka Patta
•	Mango Leaves 		•	Nariyal		•	Dub(Durva Grass)


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