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“Griha Pravesh” or House warming is an ancient Auspicious Indian celebration performed on the occasion of one’s first entry into a new house. The name literally means ‘Entering a newly acquired house’. “.Grah Pravesh Puja by the various Vastu Shanthi Mantras has been prescribed in the Holy Vedas to be followed before a person starts inhabiting on his/her home. Grih &Vastu puja ensures good fortune, peace, prosperity, harmony, creativity, health & happiness for inhabitants. This puja removes negative energies. Buy GRIH PRAVESH ECONOMICAL KIT, GRIH PRAVESH ECONOMICAL KIT online shopping, Order GRIH PRAVESH ECONOMICAL KIT.

We have assembled in this kit all ingredients for performing Grih Pravesh puja. All the essentials packed are natural, pure, sacred and of high quality and are sufficient for performing puja.

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	Shriphal		•	Kush			•	Roli
•	Chunni			•	Kalawa/Moli/Raksha Sutra•	Kapoor	
•	Dhoop Sticks		•	Clove/ Lavang		•	Cardamon/Elaichi
•	BeetalNut/Supari -7 Pics•	Beetal Leaf/Paan - 7 	•	Gangajal
•	Honey			•	Janau - 2 Pcs		•	Batti 
•	Match Stick		•	Panch Meva		•	Mishri
•	Ghee 			•	Havan  Samagri 		•	Kale till -150gm
•	Jau -150gm		•	Rice /Akshat-100gm	•	Sugar/Chinni-100 gm
•	Kamal Gatta 		•	Belgiri			•	Agar
•	Tagar           	•	Gugal			•	Lohban
•	Bhooj Patra		•	Khair			•	Chandan Burada -50gm
•	Pilli Sarso -50gm	•	Navgrah Samidha		•	Dry Coconut
•	MangoLeaves/Aam ke patte•	Red Cloth -1.25 mt	•	Mitti ka kalash	
•	Tulsi                   •	Durva Grass

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