Buy Organic Havan puja kit


Organic Havan puja kit

Havan is a Sanskrit word which refers to any ritual in which making offerings into a sanctified fire is the underlying action.. Homa or havan is a prominent religious practice in Hinduism where they are part of almost all Sanskar ceremonies.

During the course of beginning a new task or starting some auspicious venture, like marriages, grihapravesh, Bhoomi-puja etc, a havan is conducted which brings about purity in the surrounding atmosphere by warding off evils. Presence of ill omens like ghosts and evil spirits, hindushashtras prescribe the performance of a havan.

We have assembled in this kit all ingredients for performing Havan Puja. All the essentials packed are natural, pure, sacred and of high quality and are sufficient for performing puja.

Organic Havan puja kit

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•	Supari		•	Lawang		•	Roli
•	Rice		•	Chandan		•	Haldi Powder
•	Haldi Gath	•	Dhoop		•	Kapoor
•	Ghee		•	Batti (Round)	•	Match Stick
•	Deepak		•	Agarbatti	•	Red Cloth
•	Kesar		•	Panchmeva	•	Elaichi
•	Dona/Plastic Container-25 •	Moli	•	Itra
•	Abeer /Gulal	•	Wheat		•	Ganga Jal
•	Honey		•	Mishri		•	Sindoor
•	16 Shringaar 	•	Kamal Gatta	•	Sugar
•	Peeli Sarson	•	Sapt Dhan	•	Sapt Mitrika
•	Kala Teel	•	Lakdi		•	Hing
•	Black Pepper	•	Kali Udad	•	Khas
•	Jau		•	Dashang		•	Paan ka Patta
•	Mango Leaves	•	Nariyal		•	Dub
•	Sukha Nariyal 


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