Natural Gomed Hessonite 7.25 RATTI Certified Energized Loose Gemstone


Gemstone for those who have kal sarp dosha and it bestows solace from kal sarpa dosha and its adverse effects. Wearing a gomed at the time of mahadasha or antardasha of rahu helps an individual to get rid of the afflictions caused by the malevolent rahu.

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Gemorio Natural Gomed Hessonite 7.25 to 7.5 RATTI Certified Energized Loose Gemstone. Stone is Certified from a reputed third party laboratory. This pure Gem is certainly going to give you best result for your astrological purposes. Gemstone is packed very beautifully along with the laboratory certificate. Please avoid buying cheap fake stones. Please do not buy beautiful looking gems at dirt cheap prices. Because these Natural gems are rare and command high prices.


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