Satyanarayan Puja Kit


Lord Satyanarayana is another form of Lord Vishnu. Buy SatyaNarayan Kit, SatyaNarayan Kit online shopping, Order SatyaNarayan Pooja Kit. A Narayan form of Lord Vishnu is considered an embodiment of truth. Satyanarayana Puja is the most popular and powerful puja in Hindu deity. It is believed that this puja has the power to help one attain what one desires and leads to overall prosperity and happiness.evening is the best time to perform this puja, however one can do it in the morning as well.
We have assembled in this kit all ingredients for performing SatyaNarayan puja. All the essentials packed are natural, pure, sacred and of high quality and are sufficient for performing puja.
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•	Satyanaryan photo		•	Satyanaryan Pooja Book		•	Gangajal-100ml [Holy water]
•	Honey				•	Incense -10 sticks [Agarbatti]	•	Haldi
•	Kush				•	Kumkum/Roli			•	Jau
•	Gopichandan powder		•	Astagandha powder		•	Sindoor
•	Sandal powder			•	Akshat Rice – [White & Coloured rice]
•	Kapur [Camphor]			•	Janeo-2[Holy thread]		•	Ghee -180gms
•	Till kale			•	Diya-5 [Ready to use diya]—mitti ka decorated
•	Moli/Holy thread-2 roll [Raksha sutra]					•	Panch meva- 5 fruits dry
•	Supari-12pcs			•	Clove/ Lawang-5pcs		•	Cardamom/ Elaichi -5pcs
•	Dhoop batti (1 packet)		•	Plastic containers [25pcs]	•	Darbha grass -1 bundle
•	Aam ke pallav			•	Kamal gatta			•	Red cloth-1.25mts.
•	Tulsi				•	Paan-5pcs			•	Sugar
•	Havan samagri			•	Aam ki  lakdi (havan)		•	Batti – 1 packet (round one)
•	Matchstick			•	Dry Coconut -1			•	Coconut/ Sriphal
•	Panch Ratan			•	Pilli sarso			•	Gualbjal
•	Lohwan		                		


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