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Vat Savitri Vrat, is a quick seen by hitched Hindu ladies in North India for the prosperity of their spouses and youngsters. The fasting is named after Savitri, who brought back her better half from the grip of Yama (passing). Ladies at that point revere the Banyan Tree (Vat Vriksha). In the wake of imploring the Banyan Tree, a red or yellow hued string is tied around the tree. At that point water, rice, and blossoms are offered as a feature of the puja. Ladies at that point go round the tree and serenade supplications.

We have amassed in this pack all elements for performing Vat Savitri puja. Every one of the fundamentals pressed is common, unadulterated, sacrosanct and of high caliber and are adequate for performing puja. Otherwise called Vat Purnima, pipal puja or Wat Purnima. Purchase VAT SAVITRI PUJA KIT, VAT SAVITRI PUJA KIT internet shopping, Order VAT SAVITRI PUJA KIT.

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•	Kalash/lota		•	Dhoop batti		•	Diya (Mitti ka) - 5

•	Bati			•	Agarbatti		•	Akshat

•	Chandan powder		•	Chawal powder( pithar)	•	Kumkum/ Roli

•	Ghee			•	Ankurit chana		•	Gur

•	Haldi			•	Moli/Yellow thread-2	• Plastic plate-25

•	Pankha(biyan)		•	Vat savitri vrat katha book 


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